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Today I was talking to my friend Jody. She is also Step-mother to D's oldest grand child. She started to tell me how great it's been not dealing with the crap. When D starts going on about her daughter or the kids we've both been telling her that if se isn't going to do anything about it or stand behind us when we do then we just don't want to hear it.
She found something new to gossip and bitch about. Deb, her sister-in-law. My friend Jody doesn't know Deb but I do and she told me what was said. I was pissed. Jim was D's brother and Deb's husband, okay? Well, he died of Cancer about 2 months ago. He had been sick a while, started getting better and got worse very quickly and in a matter of days was gone. The family has turned on Deb and it's ugly. a couple of weeks after the funeral D was going on and on about Deb, saying seh was drinking and smoking pot and how that was no way to deal with loss... I was concerned, so I talked to Deb. I knew she was a left over hippie, she used to smoke weed. I knew that because Jim was a recovering Alcoholic (sober nearly 9 years)she wasn't going to use either heavily. I went to Deb and talked to her and 10 minutes after I got home I was being called a two faced fucking bitch by someone else in the family.
Anyway back to my friend. She was watching her step-daughter's ball game and talking to D. She told her that she will always believe that Deb killed him that she overdosed him on his morphine (while he was in the hospital dying!!!) That she had said and done all kinds of things that I know she hasn't. They were fairly close and when he died they abandoned her, they blamed her. D showed up at the house within days of the funeral with a list of things she wanted. It's crazy! My friend didn't know her or Jim and she knew she couldn't believe D but she was stuck listening and because she did D thinks she has one more person on her side.
I want to go off on her for running her mouth and tell her that is the reason I've been avoiding her but that will just stir the shit. If I don't say anything then it's just me figuring out how to deal with her. If I do then I become the new target and she'll be running her mouth about me. When she gets mad at people that's when she feels justified in stealing and getting credit, cashing checks, in other people's names.
I'm a little calmed down. Thanks for listening.
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I have been avoiding my mother-in-law for about 2 months and I've only seen her 4 times. My life is so much more peaceful. I don't know where to start with her. She makes me crazy. She loves me as far as I know she's never said anything bad to me. (except that I'm going to hell because I'm not a christian, She's praying for me).
When my husband and I first started talking about getting married I found out about his credit. He tells me that between his mom, sister, and ex-girlfriend his credit is ruined. There were a couple of things he knew his mom had done but most of it he wasn't sure who was responsible. When we were talking about him filing bankrupsy, I told his mother that I need all to the information, everything out there that was in his name. She denied any involvement. I told her if he filed then anything else came up I would give them all three names and let them sort it out and prosecute anyone involved. That's when she (still not taking responsiblity) wanted to make sure I knew about a loan with household finance and a sears card. I told her anything turns up ever and I have the person put in jail.
Then I start hearing about all this other stuff she's done. Getting loans and credit cards in her husband's name, her dead in-laws names, and all kinds of shit. So I know I can't trust the bitch. She cashed checks she found in cards at her nieces wedding. She stole the 1 gal pickle jar 3/4 full of change from my bedroom. But that's now the worst.
For 2 ½ years I listened to my mother-in-law talk about things her daughter told her, things the kids said that she and their step-dad were doing. In the beginning I believed everything she said. As I became part of the family I saw the truth. I’m not saying everything she says is a lie but she loves gossip, she makes things more dramatic. Sometimes she adds things, says what she wishes she had said; Make the story sound better. Every time she got mad at her daughter she would come and tell me about it. I'm talking about drugs and alcohol, physical and mental abuse, and suspected sexual abuse. She told me and others but did nothing. I tried but I didn't have the first-hand info.
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We are an active group, but our posts are set as friends only for just incase an in-law or someone else who would know one of our members cannot read nor start any bullshit. We do check out who is requesting to join this group, but generally we always approve your membership, even if it does take me forever.

~Sun Shadow

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I have finally come back. After four months of not having a computer, I was finally able to get another one, heh. Anyway, I must apologize to anyone who has applied for membership and did not hear a response. There wasn't anyway I could get online. Anyway, I'm back now.
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In reference to an at-home online business i plan on doing, matts mother in law goes

"This is something you have to stick to! You can't just quit because you don't like it!"

Lady, fuck off. I'm not your son. I don't quit stuff when it gets too hard anymore. I have a maggie j to take care of. Yay you! You took your kids to work! I want to be a work-at-home-mom so I can take care of my kids!! To each their own, you don't like it...KEEP YOUR EFFING MOUTH SHUT!!!!!

its official..matts mother wants me to punch her in the face

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Here's some MIL jokes I figure you all might like.
The MIL JokesCollapse )
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lets see....a year ago today I was just getting home from the hospital after giving birth to maggie. I was beyond desperate for a nap and just as I started heading towards the couch the front doors opened up and my in laws came in!
*sarcasm* fabulous! what a wonderful surprise! *end sarcasm* Holding back tears of rage, exhaustion, physical pain and emotional blah for 5 hours sucks.

who in their right mind would stop by the day someone gets home from a hospital after the person they're visiting just had a kid? Christ, people. Is it just me or is that just rude? I know, i know. they were excited! Who gives a shit!!! I was TIRED!!! In one weekend I got maybe 6 hours of sleep! I almost bled to death on the damn table and they thought it was ok to just drop by? *headdesk headdesk*

so now the question is...anyone else have stories like this one? Yes ladies and gentlemen it is time for a past-recolections post. SO lets see what ya got.

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I thought I'd share this with you all. You'll find it funny. I was just informed of this happening almost a year ago and I vaguely remember this but I thought it was just a dream and since I don't tell people my dreams unless its one of my weird ones (drempt my friends house was on fire. next day i read in the paper it burned down) its safe to say this happened.

During a part of my pregnancy I was living with my fiance at his cousins house. his cousin I love, his cousins wife? not so much. well, not at all. look up busybody in the dictionary you'll see her. Anyway, she has two kids. Annoying as all get-out. I like hugs about as much as the next person but her daughter hugs you every time she sees you. And I mean she'll look up, hug you, look down look back hug you rinse repeat ad nauseum. She's 11. She also weighs 112 or more. I weigh 107.

I left that place of hell, went back to my hometown to be closer to my DR because that far into the pregnancy whats the point of switching DR's? When I had maggie, they must have scratched something putting the epidural in because every once in a while now from the middle of my back I get these sharp whitehot fire pains and then a migraine. I had this checked. They think its an epidural migraine and I could be stuck with them. Assholes. Anyway.

I had one of these beauties for a week starting the day I got back to the House of Horrors. I kept my head under a pillow and wore sunglasses inside almost all the time it hurt so bad.
Little Hug-monster was having an extra huggy day one of these delightful days and when she went to hug me after I told her several times to please leave me alone, I picked her up, looked her dead in the eye and growled at her. She hid in her room for about the entire weekend.
This is a story my husband just related to me that I sort of remember. But I was on pain meds (that didn't work obviously)

Growling must be painese for fuggoff!! Because all the mommas on here will remember that first week after having Baby. Its fabulous! not...
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they won't stop asking if i'm getting a spechuuuul outfit for my daughters first Birffdaeeee!!!! *I sound like a CF_Hardcore person but i'm sorry*

my MIL, my FIL, my SIL..they all have asked twice if maggie has a special birthday outfit. I told them No because she's just going to get it messy with icing and birthday cake so whats the point? I sewed up a hole in the back of one of her outfits, bought some leggings, found the shirt that went with the dress I patched up. There ya go. Birthday outfit! one she's had for a while which means i dont care if she gets it yucky or not!!

if they were to buy her a special birthday dress (after my repeated No's), would it be uncalled for to freak out and go on a much-surpressed rant about how maggie came out of MY crotch and not THEIRS and I want to be shown more respect when it comes to how I raise MY kid...

just a question. because there comes a point where something inside a body just...snaps.

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