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Inlaws from Hell - A Safe Haven

Come rant

Inlaws from hell
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Hate Your Inlaws

Tired of your inlaws making you insane? Had enough of their bullshit to last a lifetime? Want to get some anger, sadness, pain, and overall emotions out safely and with the support of others? Well, you have come to the right place.

Also fucking fed up with the mind games their parents play with their son and daughter, making horrible guilt trips that wives shouldn't come before mommy dearest. Or more guilt trips about how mean you if you actually take a stand and tell the bitches off? Well, I've got a good story for anyone who would like to join. She went so far as to tell me she was happy I miscarried! Because that showed I didn't deserve children, that I didn't deserve to a mother. Mind you I can't be. But hey, that's what this is for, ranting, support, and just venting those emotions.

There are a few rules to this community:

First: There will no tolerance if there are threats, teasing, and harassment against other members of the community.

Second: Flame attacks are not allowed.

Third: Cursing is allowed.

Fourth: Respect the moderators.

Fifth: Don't be afraid, no one is going to attack you. This is a safe place for you to come to, a shoulder to cry and don't get mad.. vent it! We're in this together.

This a members only community. You have to be approved before joining. It solves a lot of problems with inlaws that make your life hell, trying to get in. So, I have to make sure everyone will be kept safe, not have to deal with inlaw beasts. And just incase, the posts have to be approved, just incase a sneaky one gets past me. Sorry for the inconvience

sun_shadow84 is the moderator of the site. becca_mouse is the co-moderator of this community. If you have any problems, please e-mail either of them.